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  Annita Williams Karow


I have 4 beautiful children and 7 fantastic grandchildren. I have been married to my husband for seven years now and he is great.

I was a single mom for a few years and got my RN degree. I worked until 2001, when my parents both passed away. I now take care of my family, which is a full time job.

My son, Harold, is a youth minister in TN and is going back to school to get a degree in healthcare ,after getting his master's degree a few years ago. He has Sarah Morgan and London. He is married to Heather.

Michelle, my first daughter, is an RN going back for her master's degree. She has Jamie Lee, Joshua and Jonathan. She is married to Kenny.

Nika, my youngest daughter, will have her teaching degree next May.  She has maintained a 4 point average so far. She has Deven and Kaitlin and is married to Bobby.

My fourth child is Patrick. He is also known as SPIDERMAN. Patrick was born with trisomy 18 and 18p syndrome. He was not supposed to ever do anything and according to all professionals should already be dead. Patrick does not talk but he is so amazing in every other aspect of his life.

I have been truly blessed, more than I deserve. I have lived in many states and now I am in the great state of Arkansas. See you all soon.

Home Phone: 870-208-5350

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