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  Bob Geyerman

Home Phone: 925 672-4477 Unlisted
40 years . . . where has the time gone?  I cannot say that any of it has been bad; school/working, military/working, working/working, marriage/working, family/working, etc.  As with most of us I’m sure, one aspect of life seems to take the spotlight.  My chronology is as follows:
•    Graduated high school and worked the summer at Chevrolet in St. Louis; my parents sold everything, drove to California, jumped on a tramp steamer and sailed around the world); I didn’t want to go!!  “Dumb Bob, Dumb Bob”. 
•    Started junior college at Florissant Valley and shortly thereafter, a short career in sales (selling my furniture to make the apartment rent)
•    Mom and Dad came back, noticed my sales abilities were not the best and we moved to Southern California (Anaheim).
•    Joined Pacific Telephone in December 1968 while continuing my college education, and spent an enjoyable 31 year career in the telephony and computer industry
•   That career was interrupted by an opportunity to serve in the US Army with an interesting stint in South Vietnam.
•   Came home (in one piece) and soon thereafter met my wife to be.
•   34 years of marriage this year, and still going strong.
•   We have one daughter who currently works for me in my chosen retirement profession.
•   The downsizing/upsizings/rightsizings, etc. seemed to go on forever, but the career was enjoyable, enlightening and profitable.
•   My job moved me to Northern California (near San Francisco) in 1986 and we still live there.
•    I retired from AT&T in 1999 with a buyout and took a year off to “find myself”. 
•    I now work for a manufacturer's rep firm supporting the industrial market, doing everything from inside sales, warehousing/distribution, purchasing and office management.  It’s a small 32 year old company started by a close friend of mine.
•    We have close ties to the church and good friends that we enjoy camping with in our “palace on wheels”, a 22 foot 5th wheel. 
•    I am an avid wood butcher (carpenter?) and a car racing fanatic (NHRA & NASCAR; drag racing and stock car racing for those who may not know the acronyms).
Life has been good.  Strong family and good work ethics have served me well.  I’m a “glass half full” kind of guy with a mild mannered disposition and a smile for everyone.