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  Christopher Cancila

I am really sorry that I will not be able to attend the 40 year reunion.  Wow, just writing that makes me feel really old.

I have many fond memories of PHS:

  being in theater productions 

  getting to wear the Chicken Man costume

  rehearsing a play the night the torando struck (we ran outside collecting hailstones while the fire trucks were going up and down St. Charles Rock Road)

  getting up at 5:00 a.m. to catch the bus for the early shift when we went on split shifts

  the election for class president

  getting to go to Boy's State after my junior year

My wife of 37 years and I currently reside in Houston, Texas.  We lived in St. Louis until 1984, when we moved to Dallas, Texas.  4 years later we moved to Houston and in 1997 we were transferred to Atlanta for 6 years before returning to Houston.  We currently own a business named The Linen House, specializing in rentals for weddings and special events.  I am also the Finance Director for Volga Dnepr-Unique Air Cargo, Inc.  We have two children and 2 granddaughters that we take great delight in spoiling.  If anybody is living in Houston or just wants to catch up, you can reach me at