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  Darlene E. Houck

In 67 & 68 I shared an apartment with a model, dated a college basketball team and danced until I dropped at the Barn in St Charles.  Late in November of 68 I headed for San Francisco but only got as far as Modesto, Ca where I went to work for Teamster Local 748,  this was the local who went into the Salinas fields to oppose Caesar Chavez and the farm workers. It was a very interesting time...lots of stories - but not here.  I finally got to san Francisco.  I started working for the teamster union there, but found it to be a little too life threatening.  I then went into civil service where I got a job as a protocol assistant for 7 years at the Presidio of San Francisco.  I was coordinator for all army military formal activities.  It was very interesting as I worked with many foreign visitors.  It was a tough job (not).  I had to get to know San Francisco's restaurants and hotels for tours for the visitors.  the restaurants and hotels gave us free meals and tours of the hotel rooms.  They all wanted our business.  learning the formal customs of many countries.  The highlight was when Weinberger discovered us and I worked with Washington coordinating several Department of Defense visits.  During this time I joined the army reserve where I became a psyop specialist.  I spent some time in Korea and Hawaii.  almost got to go to Thailand and the Philippines but it turned into an all male activity.  I was in Hawaii when Marcos ran off with the country's funds and Imelda's shoe collection.  I watched the money being unloaded in the diaper boxes at the airport.  After this, I went to work as a legal secretary (more like Della Street to Perry Mason).  I worked for 8 years for one of the top employment and tradition labor law attorneys,  (I had spell check).  we were on the cutting edge of drug testing and sexual harassment. I hate to admit it, but I enjoyed the harassment cases.  They read like soap operas.  During this time I got into my true passion! - afghan hounds.  To this day I show and rescue afghans.  I burn!

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