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  Debbie Kraus Urban MEd, NCC, LPC, EFT-ADV

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In a nutshell , right after I graduated, I ran away to Haight Ashbury, CA for 2 weeks. My then boyfriend got caught stealing food in a grocery store while I waited in the Golden Gait Park with the rest of the while he was in jail, I was flown home from Juvenile Detention, having been a run-a-way and although I was of legal age (17) in MO, in CA I was not(18). Boy, was I ever in trouble. After that, I married someone else, had a son, Keith, divorced, and then somewhat settled down (Ha, Ha...sort of, off and on) to raising my only son, working as a waitress at night and going to school in the day, or vise verses, depending on classes and where life took me from day to day.

The past 40 years has not been simple or easy. The result of hard work got my Master's in General Counseling and training in Art Psychotherapy. I now have my LPC (State License) and NCC (National Certification) and a private practice over my husband's 2-car garage, where he built me an art studio/office/apartment. It is real non-office-like, making it a relaxing atmosphere for talking and doing Art Psychotherapy.

I met my husband (Steve) about 11 years ago and we have been married for 10 years in April. Between he and I, we have 3 grandchildren and it does not look like we will have any more. Both of our sons were only children so they are not into large families. It looks like my husband's son (Jim) is stopping with one son (TJ) and my son (Keith) said that's it with 2, one son (Ben) and one daughter (Grace), so all the more spoiling for each one of the grandkids.

My son, Keith, being raised by a free spirited student single mom, also went on to college and got his masters (is an Archaeologist with the Corp of Engineers in KY), just behind me getting mine (in Counseling). My son married Pam about a year after I married Steve, a widower and a wonderful man. Guess I stayed one step ahead of him, huh?

I walk our 3 rescued dogs (one at a time) in the woods around our house almost of them actually runs me...and every once in a while I make web sites, paint, draw, travel, and jeep with my husband (used to race Go Karts with him...what next?).

After many years of hard work, I think I have somewhat of a charmed life... now...with the best husband, a son and a step son, 2 daughter-in-laws, 3 grand children and the most interesting rescued dogs. Life is certainly sweet...and even more interesting since we are having this reunion. It has been fun talking to old and new friends...ones I never talked to in high school. The reunion has already started.

Other than that, the past 40 years has been too much to put in this little much as I would love to share my adventures with everyone, I will save it for my memoirs. I've got to have something to do after I retire, if that ever happens. Don't worry everyone, I'll tell you about it if you are going to be in it.

An old friend sent in this Pix of me...look at that attitude...yup, that's me!!! Yikes!!! I would have never expected myself to someday be a therapist and join the world of the establishment....well maybe not so much, huh? Depends on how you look at it.


This is what I do for a living

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Steve and I on our Wedding Day April 25th 1997.

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Here's my son, Keith, and his wife, Pam, with my (1st and 2nd) Grand children, Ben and Grace.



Pictures of Jim (my husband's son) and Katrina to come when I can talk them into taking a family picture...they are a little shy.


But their son, TJ, is not shy









Steve's jeep in CO. We were there too, of course.








Ginger - Lab, Chow, etc. Mix, rescued from under a porch at a place I used to work. No, she is not wearing mascara....but she is Miss Priss and very smart...almost seems like she is going to talk to us sometimes.




Buddy - English Walker Fox Hound, rescued from some woods, was almost dead. This pix of him is the last time he was still long enough to take a picture of him. He is 94+ pounds now and ready to run most of the time. He looks sad because he is a hound but he was also recovering from almost dying. He looks after me now.




Happy - Beagle Mix, could be Buddy's cousin, rescued her from the same area. She was so dirty, we thought she was brown. She sees clients with me in my office...falls asleep and snores when they get too boring.

Ben (Grandson) dancing to the sound of his own music:

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