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  Jacalyn (Jackie) Steitz Eyre

Wow, 40 years that's a long time.  Well, here goes.  Between graduation and 1974, I completed one year at UMSL and then dropped out.  I graduated from Patricia Stevens Career College and taught modeling part time for a couple years.  I worked for five years at Ozark Airlines (remember that puddle jumper?) in the payroll department.  During this time, I lived in a Christian community (near Washington University) and sang on Friday nights in a coffee house with a group called Dayspring.  In 1973 we recorded our first and only album.

I married Stephen Eyre in 1974.  I proposed to him (kind of) on our second date but then he pursued me for three more years before we married.  Well, here we are 33 years later living in Cincinnati, Ohio with three sons nearby, Jeremy 30, Christopher 29, and Justin 24. And we also have a beautiful nine year old granddaughter, Sophie (Jeremy’s daughter).

We've lived in St. Louis; Clearwater, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Jackson, Mississippi; Nashville, Tennessee and Northwood, England.  For us each place has many fond memories and good friends.  When we moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, we wanted the three boys to complete their schooling in the same school system.  Actually, Steve remembers it differently.  According to him, I threatened that he would move alone if transferred to another city.  Well, whatever, we've been here for 15 years.  We like the place. 

I have been a stay-at-home mom and loved it.  I have also busied myself by authoring and co-authoring Bible study guides published by Zondervan, Inter-Varsity Press and Serendipity Press. I did some modeling. I helped found, worked for, and served on the board of the Counseling and Compassion Center (an organization working with the poor) in Jackson, Mississippi.  I spent six weeks in Belize, Central America building desks and teaching summer Bible school at a local church.  (When I hand washed our laundry, our blue jeans molded on the clothes line before they dried.  Lesson learned: in a tropical climate wear dirty jeans.)  I organized a social and educational group for mothers with young children in Nashville.  In England, home schooling the three boys became the focus as we would only be there for two years. And in Cincinnati, I volunteered at Sharon Woods Village, a historical museum of buildings.

Then after the guys left home, I enrolled at Union Institute and University, graduated in 2005 with a BA in Holistic Studies with an emphasis in psychology.  I recently completed a certification program as a Guided Imagery Therapist and hope to establish my own practice.

Well that's 40 years in five paragraphs.  There have been adventures and challenges, fulfilled dreams and disappointments, growth and losses.  I like to think I've learned from the hard times and I'm grateful for the good.


Eyre Family 2001
Back row (Left to Right): Jeremy, Chris, Justin
Front row: Sophie, Jackie, Steve





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