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  James C. Vohsen

I have been married to my wife Lynne for 38 years. I met her while I was at Homestead Air Force Base. We have not been blessed with children of our own so we have been able to spoil nieces and nephews rotten and then send them home to the parents. We have a home in Palm Beach Florida with 1.25 Acres
which is our little area of peace and tranquility.

After graduating I enlisted in the Air Force. I was an Air Traffic Controller at Homestead Air Force base in Florida and from there I went to Okinawa. I was assigned to the 824th Combat Support Group and we were responsible for providing support to Special Forces Units in and out of Viet Nam.

After the Air Force I went to work for Publix Supermarkets in Florida. I was with them for 33 Years as a Produce Buyer for 217 stores in the Miami Division.

I retired from Publix and I am now with a company called Central American Produce. We are Grower / Importer / Marketers of fresh produce from Central and South America. I am the Director of Marketing Development Programs for the company. Since we have several farms in Central and South America, and a customer base through out the United States, Europe, and Japan I do a lot of traveling.

Jim Vohsen
Central American Produce Inc
Director of Marketing
Development Programs

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