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  John Carey

Home Phone: 636-947-0707

After graduating I enlisted in the Army. Went to Vietnam in 1968 and received the Purple Heart and 2 Bronze Stars. Married my first wife in 1972 and had 3 great kids. Divorced in 1991 and found my soul mate a short time later. Remarried to a great lady in 1994. I have 16 weeks before I can retire from the postal service. Thank God! Have had a few medical problem such as multiple sclerosis in 1998, a open heart surgery in 2002 and lung cancer in 2002. I have survived everything so far and love to golf and fish. I firmly believe the Lord has a purpose for all of us and maybe mine is to see all of my 1967 classmates. I can't wait!

And then Deb emails John for a pix: " is bad enough we don't have your senior pix but no current pix either???..." Obviously Deb remembers joking around with John a lot in school.

And John writes back: "Bitch, bitch, bitch. Hereís a  photo and I skipped the day we had our pictures taken. I donít have anything else. Iíll see you there."

Thanks John!!!