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  Kay White Wortman

Where to begin, after high school I went to St. Ann Beauty School and my mom said till her death that it was the best $200.00 she ever haircuts!

Moved to Kansas City early 70's for a few years and worked in sales for Clairol and then Revlon.
Revlon took me to Chicago and that took me to Chesebrough-Ponds...vaseline...cutex and I lived in Chicago for 8 years and for the last 6 traveled 48 weeks a year!!!!

A new position took me to LA and lived and traveled over 60% around the country.  Another position sent me to Miami...did not like it so I moved back to St. Louis since I was traveling so much and after awhile became tired of traveling and some life issues.  Met Keith and we married a year later and here we are almost 21 years later!

My work is a motivational speaker and trainer.  In the past 18 years I have been very busy and other years not!  During that time I have had weekly segments of noon shows and have had the chance to be a regular on KMOX radio.  Those days are done for now and I am walking marathons!  My new passion along with Keith and Kaycee Marie, our 51/2 lb Maltese....great love of my life.  We were not blessed with 2 legged children so we have had 4 legged!  Also we are very close to my sister's, both Sue and Lauren, children.

Life has been wonderful, horrible, great, average, you all get the picture...the journey we are all on and I cannot wait to see you all again August 11.

Kay White Wortman

My sister, Lauren, and I at her son's wedding last June.


Family Pix at the wedding, Keith & I on the right:

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My husband, Keith, and my brother-in-law, Neil, at our 20 year anniversary:

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