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  Lei Loni Johnson Bradley

Lei Loni Johnson Bradley -

It’s hard to put into a “few” words what has happened since I left Pattonville. My senior year I attended and graduated from Sunnydale Academy , a Seventh-day Adventist school, in Centralia , Missouri .

            Immediately after graduation, I moved to Lincoln , Nebraska , where I attended Union College for about a year and a half. I quit in December 1968 and moved to Boulder , Colorado , which was home for my fiancé, Merle Bradley. He was in the Army at the time, so I worked until our marriage in June, 1970. From Boulder , we moved to Tennessee . Merle began college in 1973 and our son, Jonathan, was born in January, 1977, just a few months before Merle graduated.

            In 1979, we moved to Mountain Grove , MO , where our oldest daughter was born (in Mansfield, MO) in January, 1980. Our youngest daughter was born in January, 1982, when we lived in Houston , TX .

            My husband is a teacher in our Seventh-day Adventist denominational school system so we have moved a number of times, seen a lot of country, and made a lot of friends. We have lived in Chicago, IL, Brighton, CO, Memphis, TN, Farmington, NM, Ridgecrest, CA, Boise, ID, and, currently, Las Vegas, NV.

            I attended Cerro Coso Junior College, in Ridgecrest, CA, from January 2001-May 2003, when I graduated with Associate Degrees in Business Administration, Business Management, Business Office Technology, Computer Applications and Marketing.

            Since leaving Boise in 2007 , I have been a full-time homemaker. Our son was married in November 2008. Our oldest daughter had a baby girl, Destiny Christine, March 22, 2009 , so I am a grandmother. (How can that be???) Our youngest daughter is currently in nursing school in Mesa , AZ.

            We’ve had a full life. I often think of classmates from Pattonville—I remember when Don Massey threw a block of wood (in the shop room) during driver’s ed, when the teacher was out—and I had to have stitches. I think we were in the same English class from 7th grade on.

            I did see Marsha Mahoney in Savannah , TN , I believe. Diana Poor and I stayed in touch for years—hopefully we can get back in touch, thanks to PHS alumni.

            We don’t get to St. Louis anymore; my mother has Alzheimer’s and is living with my youngest half-sister in Oklahoma City , OK , area. If anyone gets to Las Vegas , it would be interesting to “catch up.”



Lei Bradley