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  Sally Pinnell Pipkins

We will not be joining everyone this reunion, but I have enjoyed the web site so much I thought I should at least write my bio too.  Although, I know most will not remember me, I sure do remember most of you.  My husband and I are both in our first marriage. We were married October of 1967.  40 years already!  He was one of those Ritenour bums.  We have remained in the area and all 6 of our children graduated from their father’s school. We have 15 grandchildren, 10 girls and 5 boys.  Our first three are teenagers and the last 12 are between 2 and 9 years of age.  We have a blast most of the time as they all live close, the most distant, in Wentzville. We are together often.

I remember well the day in DECCA class when Mr. Whitworth asked what we wanted to do with our lives.  My answer was to find a good guy, marry and be a good wife and mother, everyone laughed, but Mr. Whitworth agreed that if I could do just that it would be an accomplishment.  With the Lords help, I feel very grateful to have done just that.  I have been very active with my church and my children’s schools.  I taught Cake Decorating with Wilton for 10 years, and have decorated countless birthday and wedding cakes.  My husband and I taught ceramics for several years from our home.  I have also spent 40 plus years sewing everything including children’s clothing, home decorating items, wedding and prom dresses galore, costumes for dancing school and church pageants.  All those years of sewing took quite a toll on my arm, and in November of 06, I had total shoulder replacement.

In 1999 my husband retired after 30 years with Ford Motor Co.  In  2000 we had our 6th, 7th, and 8th grandbabies in 8 weeks time. We called them the triplets separated by mothers. In 2001 my husband had a massive heart attack on July the 13th, a Friday. Our  last two daughters were married on June 23rd, and Sept. 1st.  Hubbie is fine now and we titled our Christmas Letter that year, Three Babies, Two weddings, and A Heart Attack”.  Before the Heart attack he had began driving a school buss for the Pattonville and he continues to drive today.

In 2003 we bought 19 acres just outside Montogomery City.  We go there as often as possible, most weekends in the summer.  We have a super time there with our large family, and have bon fires and weenie roast, plus wagon and tractor rides and lots of trips to the creek with all the little ones.  Every Halloween we have a huge party with all the kids inviting all of their friends. I still enjoy cooking, baking, sewing and quilting and have recently jumped into scrap booking.  Lord knows I have enough pictures to work with.

We wish you all the best and hopefully, by the next reunion we will make it.  Hopefully I will be able to send some pictures and maybe even talk or e-mail with some of you!  Have fun!

This is our whole clan.  Do you recognize anyone?

These are our children in order of birth-- Front row #1-Pebbles, #2 Christopher,#5 Jessica, Back row #6 Mariah, #3 Aliza, #4 Arin:

Our 15 grandchildren: