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  Sherilyn Jean Dennis LeRoux

Dr. Sherry LeRoux
native of Missouri
Attended: Pattonville High School Graduated 1967
Florissant Valley CC 1967
St. Paul University 1970 - Master of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science, Magna Cum Laude
St. Paul University 1973 - Doctor of Philosophy -Naturopathic Medicine,
Magna Cum Laude
Southeast Missouri U 1973-1976
Teaching certificate-Remedial Missouri U 1976
Sterling College 1992-96 Fine Arts
Three Rivers CC 1995-97
Gordon U Grayslake, II. Graduated 01/26/2002 Doctor of Science-Natural Medicine 



Sherry is Director of:

and Vice President of:

caddemoand can be reached at: (702) 258-7377

I have several autos.
1981 Porsche
1959 Corvette
but I drive a Lincoln town car in Las Vegas, at the farm I drive a Silverado, my Daughter drives my Sebring to save her new truck...ha ha
when I am in Germany I drive a BMW & when in Slovenia a Land Rover.
Gas is a bargain in the USA. Before I left my office in Munich, I filled up my "little" BMW of 1/4 tank. There we purchase by the litter. WOW!!!! cost me $97.00 US.
I prefer others to drive. Ha ha
I have sold both Harleys, because I have no time.  I miss the bike & time, so I am considering another Harley.
I am very blessed & love my life.
Not married, not dating, not looking.
I have all I can do + in the field of research.
I am flying to St. Louis on Monday for business. I will also meet with Paulette McNeil O'Brien. while I am in Missouri. My true constant friend over all these years (sometimes we loose track of each other...ha ha).
I have not made a commitment to the reunion as yet. 
I have been scheduled for an African trip the entire month of August since February.
Thank you all for connecting Paulette & me once more.
I hope all of you had a wonderful Father's Day.
May God continue to bless us all,
Dr. Sherry Dennis LeRoux


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