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This is the way I understand what "Comfortable Casual" is, and what was thrown around at the committee meeting...anywhere between shorts, capri's, jeans, scrunch skirts, mini (do they still have those??? well??? if you got it, you got it) skirts, skorts with a top that is not a swim suit top...unless, of course, it is under some sort of top that resembles comfortable casual. However, if a sun dress is comfortable for someone, go for it...or a jump suit. Tops being not particularly T-shirts for women, however, again, I have seen some pretty fancy T-shirts for women. Knit tops, casual blouses are all good...and all that was for women. As for shoes...well, I have seen women wear heels with shorts and jeans but I am wearing probably a sandal that I can dance in and probably not tennis or walking shoes, unless my feet really hurt that night. However, I probably will go barefoot if that happens.

The men (most) will be happy to know we are not doing any sort of suit and tie. Art, had once said he'd like jeans and a T-Shirt but I don't know if he was joking or not. My husband will probably wear his nicer jeans (slacks are just fine), either blue, black or tan, shoes he can dance in, might be black tennis shoes but maybe casual brown earth shoes, the tie type (slip-ons are good, too), and a knit shirt or cotton blend, front button, casual shirt. He will leave his Jeep and Race T-shirts in the closet with his baseball caps....I hope!!!

I, personally have gone back and forth about wearing jeans but finally found some capri's I like...I usually wear jeans (of some sort...some with designs on them) anywhere I can get away with it....and comfortable sandals for sure...however, I still might opt to do jeans last minute....depends on how I feel on August 11. I don't have any "fancy" T-shirts so probably not one of those.

But as always, "Comfortable Casual" is in the eyes of the beholder...or in this case, the wear-er.