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Pirate Preview:

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Mary& Donna working hard!!!

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Deb on 7/25/07

June 4th, 2007 Meeting

Carol Miller, Ann Phillips, & Kay WhiteCarol_Ann_Kay_6-4-07.jpg (27924 bytes)(Click pix to view large)

(Click pix to view large)Deb_G_6-4-07.jpg (19130 bytes)Debbie Goff

Mary RickmanMary_6-4-07.jpg (18814 bytes)(Click pix to view large)

Next Committee Meeting to be announced.

4/30/2007 Meeting

Shy Committee Members:

Ann Phillips & Susan Montgomery (Click pix to view large)

Anns_Paper.jpg (21391 bytes) Susans_Hand.jpg (31198 bytes)

And then not so shy:

Kay White, Deb Kraus, & Linda Strunk (Click pix to view large)

Kay.jpg (25867 bytes) Crazy_Deb.jpg (9451 bytes) Linda_Strunk_07.jpg (28822 bytes)

Next Committee Meeting is Monday, 6:30 PM, June 4th, 2007, at the Sheraton Westport Plaza. More info to come.