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  40 Year Reunion Committee Members

Art Bell - First Original Committee Member - 6/06

Diane Bacon Harrison - Decorations Committee Member

Donna Eller Mast - Decorations Committee Member and Great Supporter

Steve Frey - Original Committee Member

Linda Fitch Hamilton -Video Production and Great Supporter

Debbie Goff Hatcher - Decorations Committee Member

Denise Guarnery - Complete Music Program Selection, Arrangement, Production and Great Supporter

Debbie Kraus Urban - Webmistress, Designer, CD Production, People Finder Coordinator.

Carol Miller Moore - Decorations Committee Member

Susan Montgomery Eaker- Original Committee Member, Reunion Site Facilitator

Carolyn Nichols Carmichael - Decorations Committee Member

Ann Phillips Kallemeiers - Original Committee Member, Great Supporter, Information Provider.

Mary Rickman Simmons - Decorations Committee Chair and Great Supporter

Linda Strunk Goldkamp - Great Supporter and Book Lender

Kay White Wortman - Original Committee Member, Master of Ceremonies, Treasury.

Barbara Windle Newman - Great Supporter, Video Equipment