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?, Denise Guarnery, Elliot Fisher, Kay White, ?:

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Larry Summers? Tim Bishop, Tom Prince, Danny Nelson:

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Paulette McNeill, Christine Boenker, Sherry Dennis:

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Carol Carr, ?, Barb Kramer, ?, Tim Bishop,Larry Summers?, Joe Ritter, Harold Lorton, Debbie Goff:

reunion_2.jpg (57286 bytes)

Debbie Kraus & Tim Bishop:

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Paulette McNeill, George Rogers, Christine Boenker:

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Sherry Dennis, George Rogers, Christine Boenker:

reunion_8.jpg (60249 bytes)

Donna Eller, Doris Baldwin:

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Earl Steffen, Marcia Mahoney, Debbie Goff, Lenny Demos, Joyce Kloeppel:

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Donna Eller, Doris Baldwin, Denise Guarnery:

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Kay White:

kay2.jpg (73723 bytes)

Charlie & Linda (Fitch) Hamilton:

charlie_linda.jpg (79492 bytes)

Mike & Eva (Fritz) Lipe:

mike_eva.jpg (78438 bytes)

Carol (Miller) & Terry Moore:

carol_terry.jpg (73244 bytes)

Marty Barth, Ray Crum:

marty_ray.jpg (68277 bytes)

Pam & Marcy Viola:

pam_marcy.jpg (70906 bytes)

Kay White, Tim Bishop, Lauren White Komadoski:

kay_tim_lauren.jpg (71423 bytes)

Stu & Mary (Rickman) Simmons

stu_mary.jpg (66946 bytes)

Donna Eller, Brenda Eller:

donna_brenda.jpg (81887 bytes)

Christopher, D'Arcy, Tom, Alessandra Spagnolia: 

tom_spagnolia_family.jpg (72256 bytes)

Carolyn (Nichols) & Gary Carmichael

carolyn_gary.jpg (67167 bytes)

Diane Bacon, Shelia Brown, Patty Stahlhut:

diane_shelia_pat.jpg (67615 bytes)

Gary Lohman:

gary_lohman_pix.jpg (72627 bytes)

Sharon Lorton, Lenny Demos:

sharon_lenny.jpg (68132 bytes)

Harold & Jamie Lorton:

harold_jamie.jpg (78875 bytes)

Ron & Connie Belew:

ron_connie.jpg (66301 bytes)

Patricia (Koch) & Danny Fuchs

patricia_danny.jpg (67234 bytes)

Carol (Adams) & Danny Carr:

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Bonnie Kelly, Ed Brendecke:

bonnie_ed.jpg (80457 bytes)

Jill & Vince Kircher:

joy_vince.jpg (78907 bytes)

Peter DeBono & Denise Guarnery:

peter_denise.jpg (58974 bytes)

Joe & Diane Ritter:

joe_diane.jpg (76519 bytes)

Barb (Davis) & Robert Teter

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Barb (Davis) & Robert Teter:

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Kenneth Clark & Nadine Harris:

ken_nadine.jpg (62548 bytes)

The Cool Dudes:

cool_dudes.jpg (59687 bytes)

Ann (Phillips) & Bob Kallemeier:

ann_bob.jpg (62470 bytes)

Carolyn (Nichols) Carmichael & Ken Clark:

carolyn_ken.jpg (66900 bytes)

Richard & Barbara Jones:

Reunion_Pix_028.jpg (61355 bytes)

Joan & Dan Nelson:

joan_dan.jpg (58069 bytes)

Andy & Debbie (Sayles) Thompson:

andy_debbie.jpg (65341 bytes)

Danny Nelson, Bonnie (Laughlin) & Bill Moutrie, Lenny Demos:

dan_bonnie_bill_lenny.jpg (59981 bytes)

Carol Beelek, Windy League

carol_windy.jpg (64112 bytes)

Donna Eller, Susan Smith, Charlotte Renner, Patty Stahlhut, Darlene Houck, Shelia Brown, Doris Klos: 

Reunion_Pix_039.jpg (69450 bytes)

Charlotte Renner:

Reunion_Pix_035.jpg (100301 bytes)

Dan & Carolyn Howell:

dan_carolyn.jpg (72769 bytes)

Joyce (Maxwell) & Bill Isenbarger:

joyce_bill.jpg (72903 bytes)

Ken Clark, Judy Davis, Fran & David Hughes, Danny Fuchs:

Reunion_Pix_040.jpg (70259 bytes)

Nancy & Chris Myers:

nancy_chris.jpg (67427 bytes)

Barbara (Windle) & Michael Newman:

barb_michael.jpg (93839 bytes)

Marcia (Mahoney) & Scott Marshall:

marcia_scott.jpg (86417 bytes)

Tarri & John Carey:

tarri_john.jpg (80491 bytes)

Charlie Saddler, Marcy & Pam Viola, Mary:

charlie_marcy_pam_mary.jpg (85130 bytes)

Rosemary & Ken Nicholas:

rosemary_ken.jpg (79787 bytes)

Barb Branneky & David Patrick:

barb_david.jpg (95027 bytes)

"Bridgeton Terrace" (town) Classmates.
This group all grow up in this 3-street subdivision/town near the airport which is now part of a runway.  There are no homes there anymore. Some kids went to the public elementary school and others went to the catholic grade school. Then, all went to Pattonville High school:

Reunion_Pix_051.jpg (71502 bytes)

Charlie Saddler & Mary:

charlie_mary.jpg (84265 bytes)

Anne McCarthy, Susan Montgomery, Nadine Harris, Peggy Clark:

anne_sooz_nadine_peggy.jpg (80851 bytes)

St. Ann Elementary:

st_ann_elementary.jpg (81757 bytes)

Anne McCarthy, Peggy Clark, Susan Montgomery, Nadine Harris:

anne_peggy_sooz_nadine.jpg (88215 bytes)

Alex Forster, guest:

alex_guest.jpg (91837 bytes)

Guess who is the Picture Crasher:

Reunion_Pix_058.jpg (88547 bytes)

Steve & Debbie (Kraus) Urban

steve_deb.jpg (77615 bytes)

Denise Guarnery, Peggy Clark, Larry Kellenberber, Christy Knoesel, Doris Baldwin, Donna Eller, Johnny Clark, Brenda Eller, Sandra Roach:

Reunion_Pix_060.jpg (81128 bytes)

Pat Shockley, Alex Forster, Kathy Pittaluga, Joyce Maxwell, Lance Carlson:

Reunion_Pix_061.jpg (74520 bytes)

Pattonville Elementary School: Susan Smith, Chaarlotte Renner, Patty Koch, Ann Phillips, Barb Branneky, Lenny Demos, David Hughes, Ed Brendecke, Chris Myers, Earl Steffen, ?, Robert Teter, Charlie Schroeder:

Reunion_Pix_059.jpg (80133 bytes)

Shelia & John Clark:

shelia_john.jpg (86360 bytes)

Beth & Terry Mahurin:

beth_terry.jpg (92083 bytes)

Tom & Joyce (Kloeppel) Prince:

tom_joyce.jpg (87738 bytes)

Elliot Fisher:

elliot.jpg (80078 bytes)

Steve Ramsey:

steve_r.jpg (88419 bytes)

Shelia Clark & Terry Mahurin:

shelia_terry.jpg (686262 bytes)

Erv & Debbie (Goff) Hatcher:

erv_debbie.jpg (101953 bytes)

Terry Mahurin, Larry Kellenberger, John Clark:

terry_larry_john.jpg (100582 bytes)

Kathy & Lance Carlson:

kathy_lance.jpg (78079 bytes)

Debbie Goff, Ann Phillips, Kay White, Barb Windle, Linda Fitch, Mary Rickman, Carolyn Nichols, Carol Miller:

Reunion_Pix_072.jpg (83037 bytes)

Barbara & Richard Jones:

Art Bell & Ann Phillips:

?, Jim Schmittel, Earl Steffen

Chris Myers & Joyce Maxwell:

Art Bell & Nadine Harris:

Art Bell, Ann Phillips Kallemeier, Danny Carr, Bob Kallemeier:

Dan Nelson, Art Bell, Ann Phillips Kallemeier, Danny Carr, Bob Kallemeier:

Bill & Joyce Maxwell Isenbarger, ?, Art Bell:

Joyce Kloeppel Prince, Jeff Gantt, Tom Prince:

Linda Strunk, Ron Hyde, John Busenhart:

Diane Bacon, Patty Stahlhut, Shelia Brown:

Linda Fitch, Scott Marshall (Marcia Mahoney's H.), Carol Miller:

Connie Ellington Belew & Ron Belew:

mary_pix_12.jpg (58407 bytes)

Donna Eller & Brenda Eller:

mary_pix_11.jpg (84595 bytes)

Tom Prince, Joyce Kloeppel, Mayrose Stelzer:

mary_pix_13.jpg (68343 bytes)

Debbie Kraus & Carol Beelek:

mary_pix_14.jpg (81034 bytes)

Kay White, Barb Windle Newman, Mike Newman, Carol Miller:

mary_pix_19.jpg (78143 bytes)

Tim Bishop, Kay White, Lauren White Komadoski:

Tim Bishop & Pat Shockley:

mary_pix_21.jpg (67101 bytes)

Susan Smith:

mary_pix_22.jpg (51296 bytes)

mary_pix_23.jpg (58759 bytes)

Ron Belew, Art Bell, Connie Ellington Belew:

George Rogers, Joyce Kloeppel:

Tom Spagnolia, Dan Nelson, Carolyn Nichols:

mary_pix_24.jpg (62600 bytes)

Tom & Sharon Delaney, Ed Feliccia:

mary_pix_29.jpg (59635 bytes)

Linda Fitch, Paulette Mc Neill, Sherry Dennis, & Charlie Schroeder:

mary_pix_28.jpg (68582 bytes)

mary_pix_30.jpg (68297 bytes)

Harold Lorton, Dan Howell, Shelia Brown, Dan Nelson, Bonnie Laughlin, Marty Barth, Lenny Demos, Carol Beelek, Bill Moutry, Diane Bacon, Sharon Lorton, Carolyn Nichols:

mary_pix_31.jpg (67193 bytes)

St. Ann Elementary: Front L-R: Carolyn Nichols, Sharon Lorton, Shelia Brown, Bonnie Laughlin, Darlene Houck. 2nd Row: Debbie Goff, Marty Barth, Debbie Kraus, Carol Beelek, Diane Bacon, Peggy Clark. 3rd Row: Lenny Demos, Dan Nelson, George Rogers, Marcia Mahoney, Dan Howell, Bill Moutrie, Harold Lorton.

st_ann_elementary_2.jpg (80022 bytes)