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Rules for the Pattonville Idol 2009

Competition starts at 7pm contestants arrive at 6:15pm


All contestants must be 18 years of age.  No profanity allowed in lyrics.

The contest will consist of three consecutive Friday nights of karaoke.

Each contestant will pick two (2) songs to sing the first and second Friday night and on the third and final Friday night contestants will pick two (2) songs and the Alumni Committee will pick one (1) song.

Judging will be done by balloting; everyone in the restaurant area will receive a ballot at the front door and will pick three contestants to move on to the next round, until the third night when one contestant will be chosen.

In case of a tie, there will be a sing off (you will be asked to choose an extra song each week for this purpose).   The contestant with the most applause will move on or win.

First Night, Feb. 6, 2009 :

All contestants will pick two (2) songs to sing.   Six (6) contestants will be eliminated the first night, leaving nine (9) contestants to move on.

Second Night, Feb. 13, 2009 :

All contestants will pick two (2) songs to sing. Six (6) contestants will be eliminated the second night, leaving three (3) contestants to move on to the final night. 

We will draw numbers from a hat to determine the order of the final night.  The contestants will be given the title of the song that has been chosen by the Alumni Committee to sing the final week.

Third Night, Feb. 20, 2009 :

All contestants will pick two (2) songs to sing, one to sing first and one to sing last.  The second song will be the song chosen by the Alumni Committee. Contestants will sing in the order drawn the week before.

Group Competition Feb. 20, 2009 : Groups must apply in person on the first night. Four groups will be accepted.

2-10 people. $2.00 per person. One song. Winner by audience applause.  Get creative!!!


All winners will be announced at 9:45 p.m.


All proceeds benefit the Pattonville Senior Scholarship program and the Pre School Pumpkin Patch .


Pattonville Idol Application

February 6, 13 & 20, 2009   

Name: ____________________________Age________

Phone #:______________________________________

Cell: ________­­­­­­________________­­­­­_________________

Email: ________________________________________


Graduation Year: _________Department: ____________

Or related to: (name) _____________________________


Choice of music may be made the first night


Tell us about yourself:


Applications will be accepted on a first come first serve basis until all spots are filled. 


The decisions of the judges are final.  All Pattonville employees, teachers, alumni and their family members over the age of 18, are eligible to participate.  You must turn in an application with a $5 dollar entry fee, on or before January 30, 2009 , @ 5 PM .  Only applications including the Fee will be considered.  The contest will consist of three consecutive Fridays of Karaoke, with eliminations each week.  February 6, 13, & 20, 2009 at:


Limestone's Bar and Grille

(At the Crystal Springs Quarry Golf course)

12163 Pritchard Farm Dr .

Maryland Hts. , MO   63043


Send the Idol application with $5 dollar entry fee to:


Marilyn Haynes

9830 Meadowview

Overland MO 63114


For more info, call or email–314-291-5996 /