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Hurray!!! Thanks for donations from Denise Guarnery, Connie (Ellington) Belew, Susan (Montgomery) Eaker, Richard Soles, Jackie (Steitz) Eyre, Donna (Eller) Mast, and multiple people at the Reunion, ie: Larry Kellenberger, Doris (Klos) & Danny Haas, John Clark, Lenny Demos, Brenda Eller, Dan & Joan Nelson, Ron Hyde, Tom Prince, Tom & D'Arcy Spagnolia, Susan Smith, Carol (Miller) & Terry Moore, Dan & Carolyn Howell, Pat Shockley, Vince & Jill Kircher, Barb (Windle) & Mike Newman, Barb (Davis) Teter, Pat (Koch) & Dan Fuch, Nadine Harris, Ken Clark, & Marty (Barth) Yardley. Chris Myers & Rose (Berardino) Mueller have also contributed to the web site since the reunion. Thanks to all!!!

And thanks also goes out to many others who give continual support, encouragement, and enthusiasm!!!

I started this web site with a free space on, but there were so many ads that one could hardly tell where the actual web site started and where the ads ended. The actual cost is $4.95/mo (down from $6.55 since I took over the finances) to have it without the ads, much more space for future info. and lots of pictures of classmates. My time is free and I will maintain the site as I have the  time...maybe not so up on it later but for now, I'm pumped!!!

You may snail mail me a check to Debbie Urban, 6767 Haven Hill Road, Barnhart, MO 63012. Please email ( me to let me know first just in case I have moved. Meanwhile I will work on getting a PayPal account up again without a bank account for Pattonville 1967.

All money is tracked in my Quicken program. If you want a printout of it, let me know and I can send a pdf of all transactions since I took over the financial part of the web site/reunion fund. All money sent to me for Pattonville 1967 will go towards paying for this site and/or any future reunions.

Deb, The Webmistress