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Updated: Thursday, November 14, 2013 05:10 PM

If you are a Pattonville Class of 1967 Alumni, reading this, and your bio is not here, then you need to send in one.

Diane Bacon Harrison

Doris Baldwin Noriega

Marty Barth Yardley

Art Bell

Rose Berardino Mueller

Tim Bishop

Barb Branneky Patrick

John Carey

Eric Carlson

Lance Carlson

Danny and Carol Adams Carr

Barb Cooley Callahan

Christopher Cancila

Ken Clark

Roger Creason

Gene Dauster

Sandi Davis Holt

Sherilyn Jean Dennis LeRoux

Bob Durrwachter

Brenda Eller Parker

Donna Eller Mast

Linda Fitch Hamilton

Jeff Gantt

Bob Geyerman

Linda Ginn Spoor

Kay Grus Stolzenbach

Denise Guarnery

Linda Heneger Speh

Darlene E. Houck

Ron Hyde

Lei Loni Johnson Bradley

Vince Kircher

Debbie Kraus Urban

Jeanne Kuykendall Watkins

Gary Lohman

Sharon Lorton Day

Marcia Mahoney Marshall

Anne McCarthy Bartlett

Susan Montgomery Eaker

Dan Nelson

Vince Niehaus

Ann Phillips Kallemeier

Sally Pinnell Pipkins

Pattonville Pirate

Charlotte Phelps Hoke

Mary Rickman Simmons

George Rogers

Susan Smith

Richard Soles

Thomas N. Spagnolia

Kenneth Spoor

Pat Stahlhut Bennett

J. Michael Stearns

Earl Steffen

Jackie Steitz Eyre

Michael Tevlin

Carol Tiernon

Ron Trapp

James C. Vohsen

Kay White Wortman

Annita Williams Karow

Barbara Windle Newman

Donna Young Webster

  Submit your BIO or if this does not work, send it via Email: or

  Submit your PICTURE by copy & paste or attachment-use jpg, bmp, or gif format, please.










  Pattonville Pirate


Do you remember this guy? This was him in 1967.


He's over 40 years old too.


This is him today...amazing what botox will do






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